Visit the Annual State Fair with Globe Limo!

The fall hits Texas painting everything gold and orange. This is the time of harvest and celebration. And we are all ready to celebrate the late gifts of summer.

As usual, Dallas welcomes the Annual State Fair, a celebration of all types of Texas food and wine. It is 24 days of Texas chefs, Texas wine and craft beer, and Texas-based food companies.

Globe Limo Company and its founders found their home in Dallas. That’s why we are so happy to participate in Texas traditions and enjoy the State Fair. Let’s go together! Here’s Globe Limo’s list of favorites at the Fair.

Visit the Annual Fair and enjoy the numerous activities it offers. Take part in one of 20+ cooking contests or simply enjoy the festivities they bring. Sample Texas wine or craft beer to find the tastiest one. Learn oabout Texas food industry and agriculture.

Bring your entire family to the State Fair to enjoy the time together. Kids could participate in Pee Wee Stampede, visit the Backyard Circus, watch Pig Races or take a picture with all-time favorite Ronald McDonald. The Fair is also an educational event. You and your children can visit the Errol McKoy Greenhouse to see an amazing model train display; or take a tour of a miniature farm that teaches kids how food gets from farm to table.

After dark, the State Fair of Texas becomes a magical place. Illuminated with thousands of lights, it’s definitely worth a visit. You can enjoy the Starlight Parade and Illuminated Sensation show. And of course don’t forget to take a picture of your family with Big Tex!

Let’s go together! Contact Globe Limo at 972-636-5200 or 214-566-4656 and book your ride to the Fair.