Globe Limo’s Cadillac XTS review

Some time ago, we added a new Cadillac XTS to our vehicle fleet. Today we’d like to share our impressions of the car with you.

The Cadillac XTS fits the category of full-size luxury sedans. Combining imposing interior design with top-level security features our new Cadillac offers you the unique experience of style.

We found the new Cadillac XTS, a first-class limousine, to be all about comfort. Spacious design ensures there is enough legroom for both the driver and passengers. The limousine is roomier than most other sedans of this size. The terrific interior of smooth leather, grained wood and beautiful metals is a masterpiece. Contemporary design blends with the high art of luxury.

At Globe Limo, we always think of our passengers. Therefore, we’d like to highlight the limousine’s special features. Rear seat passengers, comfortably pitched on a huge seat, could experience the top-rank treatment offered by Cadillac.

• The cabin is air-conditioned keeping atmosphere at comfortable temperatures. The Cadillac XTS entertainment system simply rocks.

• You could enjoy access to a DVD system with two 8-inch flat screen and wireless headphones; everything is remote controlled.

• The new Cadillac boosts a 304-horsepower base and is very dynamic. At the same time, it is very quiet inside. As we said, passengers’ comfort is the first priority.

• And of course, there is an Ultra-view sunroof that offers an amazing view. You should see that!

Safety means a lot to us at Globe Limo. Cadillac XTS is expected to be the safest luxury car available on the market. The driver awareness package points out potential dangers while the driver assistance system ensures safe and comfortable driving. In addition, the car is equipped with 10 in-built airbags for both front and rare seat passengers.

Our new Cadillac XTS is already on the streets of Dallas! Book your trip with Globe Limo and experience the luxury of our new limousine.