About Us

Armen_RitaGlobe Limousine, a Dallas limo service, was founded in 2000 by Armen Aslanyants. Committed to providing outstanding customer service and unparalleled reliability, Globe Limousine has grown significantly in the past 12 years, and now has a fleet of seven luxury limos in Dallas.

The story of Globe Limousine is a remarkable one. It is the tale of an immigrant coming to America for a better life.

As Ted Kennedy once said, “Immigration is the story of America history…and over the centuries, immigrants came to America from every part of the globe and made the American dream.”

Born in 1971, Armen Aslanyants grew up in Baku, Azerbaijan, at a time when the country of approximately 9 million people was part of the USSR. Along with his parents and two siblings, Armen enjoyed living in Baku, and his favorite subjects at school were History, Geography and Literature.

As Armen approached the age of 16, however, things began to change rapidly. With the fall of the Berlin Wall on the horizon (1989), parts of the USSR began to experience significant turbulence. Two nations – Azerbaijan and Armenia – broke into open conflict, leaving Armen’s family in the midst of a war. Armen and Rita
Forced to flee their home, Armen and his family were able to successfully obtain asylum status in 1991, and moved with his parents, older sister and younger brother to America.

Their first stop was Oklahoma City, where Armen was determined to provide for his family and allow them to flourish in their new land. Armen took a job as a bus boy at an upscale restaurant; between his lunch and dinner shifts, he worked as a runner at a car dealership. Armen rapidly impressed his managers and worked his way up the chain of responsibility – from bus boy he became the chief sandwich maker, then the maître d’, then responsible for making Caesar salads tableside (something his wife still insists on) and then dining room manager.

The transition to a new country and new responsibilities clearly was daunting for the Aslanyants family – but with Armen’s work ethic and commitment to a better life, they were rapidly adapting to America.

In 1995, Armen married Rita, a fellow Armenian. They decided to relocate, along with his parents and sister, to Dallas – home to a sizeable Armenian population and robust opportunity.

With his first child arriving in February 1999, Armen decided to venture into the transportation and hospitality business – working as a limo driver and then shifting to taxi cabs, in order to spend more time with his son and wife.

Armen operated mainly out of the Las Colinas area, and soon built a network of clients from leading companies in the area, based on his reliability, professionalism and high quality service.

One day Armen had an epiphany – he was no longer using the taxi service’s dispatch system; rather, all of his clients were contacting him directly. And soon after, Armen struck out on his own and bought his first limousine in 2000 – a Lincoln town car.

With his commitment to being the premiere limo service in DFW (Dallas Forth Worth), Globe Limousine grew rapidly. Within two years, Armen had a fleet of three limousines and three drivers. While significant from a growth perspective, three is also a magic number in the limousine business – it is the minimum fleet size required to receive permits for operations at DFW.

In addition to overseeing his business expansion, Armen’s family was also growing – and his second son arrived in 2002.

A year later, it was clear that Globe Limousine needed a talented and intelligent person to help run the company’s business affairs – so Armen turned to the person he trusts most, his wife Rita. She took over responsibility for the company’s client relations and dispatch activities, and proved a valuable addition.

Importantly, this freed up Armen to return to the drivers seat, where he could have first hand exposure to his clients. This was critical to ensuring he understands the needs of his clientele, and is providing the service they expect and deserve.

Today, Globe Limousine has a car fleet of seven vehicles and provides a range of limo services across the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. Services include multi-hour limo rental, limo party bus transportation and limo service (to and from locations across DFW Metroplex).

Armen’s longstanding commitment to first-class customer service remains, and he continues to regularly drive clients to ensure they receive nothing but the best from Globe Limousine (http://globelimousine.com/).

It has been a long journey from Baku, and a conflict-torn homeland to managing a growing small business in Dallas; but Armen’s story demonstrates what is possible in America, and is a testament to what makes this country great.